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Martin Machava

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Kotlin, Spring boot, Java

I am backend developer


I love modern technologies, modern syntax, easily readable code and clean architecture.

For me it's best done in Kotin. Unfortunately it is not easy to find backend job in Kotlin so I'm also open to TypeScript.

Though TypeScript is not as far as Kotlin, it is my second choise - It's similar, popular and is more demanded for backend jobs then Kotlin.

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  • ResidenceCzech Republic
  • AddressNovĂ© Sady 2, 60200 Brno
  • Phone+420 704 877 030
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Java development

#Kotlin #Java #Maven #Springboot #Hibernate #Liquibase #Flyway

I've worked on many backend project, most of them included Java + Spring + Hibernate.

A lot of projects, mainly in startups, start with the basic - plain Java, maybe already with Spring framework. temporary functionality comes before a clean layered architecture and unit tests are not the priority. Later on they find out the simplicity of Lombok. Team also relizes the importance of good project structure and tests. In the last stage they migrate to Kotlin, unfortunately very few projects come to this stage.

If you are already using Kotlin, that's great and I'm yours! If not, let me help you to get to that stage - slowly and steady without worry of stability.

Plain Java is old, though still evolving, current syntax cannot cope with modern languages. The code is a long mess and hard to read. A programmer who tries Kotlin never wants to go back to basic Java. Unfortunately so far Kotlin is used primarily only for Android development and rarely for backend. It still needs time to take over in backend field.

I can easily create new application with database, business logic, REST API and deploy to the cloud. The limit is only your imagination.

Node.js development

#Node.js #TypeScript #Express #Prisma #GraphQL

"The more languages you know the more you are a human." - although it's ment for for world languages, coding languages are not that different in terms of activating the same brain regions.

It's modern, it's popular, that's enough for me to give it a shot and build my project using Node.js, with TypeScript upon it, Express framework, Postgres database mapped to application via Prisma module (which is like ORM but actually is not).

This backend application was synchronizing all known crypto currencies from CoinGecko API, processing data with business logic and providing some basic REST API and GraphQL API.


#PostgreSQL #Docker #Jenkins #TravisCI #Heroku

I'm not DevOps. I enjoy using Docker all the time and I can fully setup Jenkins CI deployment, but I do not do this on daily basis. Of course I can do this kind of job, but if you are looking for senior DevOps guy, that's not me.

I've configured and deployed a service to cloud (Travis CI + Heroku) and I'd also like to learn a thing or two about Google Cloud or Amazon Web Services (AWS).

So far I haven't worked with Kubernetes.

Bucket list

#ReactJS #CSS3 #HTML

I've worked mainly in old-school JavaScript/CSS3/HTML but I've done my part on basics of React.js and I'm thrilled to contribute on frontend tasks and expand my knowledge in React library.


Curious mind

"How does it work?"

Calm mind

"See a bigger picture."

Love learning

"and learn to love."

Gym fanatic

"Healthy lifestyle, healthy mind."


in a nutshell.

Self Education



used to create bots

I used to be a hardcore gamer. And also lazy. But as you know, lazy programmer is a good programmer. He automates things. So I created a bot to play a game World of Tanks for me. He chose available tank, connected to match, greeted, moved around, sent help when low in health, disconnect when destroyed and proceed with another tank. Later I created another bot for online roulette. I read about Martingale strategy and wanted to test if it works. I made a bot which played several games and logged the result.



Game Tournament portal

To practice programming I decided to build a website for Counter-Strike tournament where players pay for entry and if they are good, they earn money. I've created a website with OAuth 2.0 authentification via Steam platform, backend in plain PHP, frontend in plain JS, MySQL and my own API for communication with game server. For game I had to write my own plugins, written in Pawn (extended from C) language, which were recording the score and uploading the result to my website portal.


Java, Springboot, Hibernate

at ROI Hunter

Java. At first I hated it. Mainly because of the old syntax that you are forced to use. Then I started to see it's benefits and with support of othe dependencies (Spring, Hibernate, Lombok) you can make a pretty organized applications. But there still had some trouble building elegant architecture because of heavy OPP principles of Java.



in the evenings of my free time

The future of Java is comming and I definitely didn't wan to miss that.



as a side project

I LOVE Kotlin! To me it's the most advanced language out there! But developing backend in Kotin is still rare so... What is similar to Kotlin but also highly demanded? Probably Node.js so I started. I've built a backend in Node.js using Express framework exposing GraphQL API, database in Postgres mapped by Prisma module.



Tech Support

ROI Hunter a.s.

Originaly I started as PHP developer but the position was closed and I have been moved to tech support of Java project where I came to a touch with Spring framework. The project was focused on automated retargeting ads for Google and Facebook for various e-commerce platforms.


Java developer

Unicorn Systems a.s.

I've spent here only few months but I see this as a good opportunity to mention what I am NOT looking for. I want to use IDE of my choice (Intellij Idea Ultimate), to use operating system of my choice (preferably Linux) and sometimes to work remotely. Not all the time, I actually like being in the office with others, but I want to have this option.

2019 - Present

Java/Kotlin Developer

Radixal a.s.

Finally I found the company designed for freelancing. 100% home office, no special bonuses. They find suitable project for developer and give him good money for work. Of course, my work consists of Spring boot, Hibernate, Java 8 (at least). And not just that. When there was a need to create a new backend service, they let me do it in Kotlin and it proved to be a good decision.


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Get in Touch

Do I match your job requirements? Then do not hesitate and let me know!

Brno, Czech Republic
+420 704 877 030
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